Building Economically Resilient Native Communities 

If you want to start or grow an online business we want to help you do it.

Our objective is to generate cashflow for Native Hawaiians the best way we know how- by starting an online business and leveraging the power of the internet. Help us keep more Hawaiians living in Hawaii!

We currently have to two pathways we are recruiting for. One is Etsy and the other FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). If you already have a hand-made or designed product we recommend the Etsy route. If you don't currently have a product or even an idea for a product FBA could be the way. 

Interested in learning more about our Etsy pathway? Click the button below to get started! 

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Watch these videos for more information:

Introduction to the Program
Information about Etsy
Information about FBA

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What Is Māpunawai?

The vision behind Māpunawai is to redefine what it takes and disrupt the image of the stereotypical entrepreneur in order to allow the average person the opportunity to own their own business and generate cashflow to increase their financial resiliency. 

Our program has two tracks, one to increase sales for Hawaiians who already have handmade products (Our Etsy Program) and another for Hawaiians without a product or business idea (our Amazon FBA program)

The goal is for this new business to quickly generate cashflow to help keep Native Hawaiians living in Hawaii.

This Program Is For...


Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

The best way to learn entrepreneurship is by following a proven formula and roadmap.

If you can bake a cake, you can start a profitable business with no previous experience!


Native Hawaiians 

Our mission is to help as many Native Hawaiians to afford life in Hawaii. The most impactful way that we can help is by starting and growing more Kanaka 'Ōiwi owned businesses! 


Limited Time And Money To Start

Think in profits instead of wages! Work in your spare time and automate the day-to-day business operations to increase your cashflow.

How It Works

Step 1.

Students Sign Up: 

Participants apply for the program, and then join our team for a short video interview to answer any questions about the programs. If they are accepted, there is no cost to join the program thanks to KSBE & KS Digital.

Step 2.

Hybrid Learning Approach: 

Students will then learn and implement strategies and techniques taught by both our video training library, and guided individual mentorships.

Step 3.

Scaling And Growth

After validating their initial products we help to craft a scaling strategy to maximize your business growth.

Step 4.

Reporting Back:

A big part of this program is the long term view. We ask that all students be open to business checkin's, 6, 12 and 24 months from completion of the program.

Apply Today & Build Financial Independence

There are limited seats available, and applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in applying for the mentorship program, don't wait! 

After all of our applications are in, we will ask that you join us for a quick video call to make sure we're a good fit for each other. Again, the program is FREE thanks to KSBE so our seats will fill up fast. Tap the button below to get started.

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